2000W Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist


2000W Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist , capacity of 600-1200 kg 


The Mini Electric Host 1200 is a high-capacity, heavy-duty and powerful hoist designed for medium-duty applications. Its compact design and simple functionality allow for easy setup and use. It can lift a maximum capacity of 1200 kg and has an overall length of 30 Mtrs. The lever-operated material handling tool makes stopping this hoist quick and efficient, while the single hook feature makes it ideal for light materials like plastic sheets or pipes. This product supports a wide range of industrial applications and comes with a 30 Mtr cable. The Fulcrum Mini Electric Host PA-1200 is designed to meet all sorts of projects, especially in the warehouse, factory and construction sites. This hoist can easily be carried around. A handle on the top makes it easy to lift up or down. It can also be enclosed in a wooden case so that you keep all your gear safe when travelling, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



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