Dry Fruits Chocolate Frozen Food Packing Machine


Dry Fruits Chocolate Frozen Food Packing Machine

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Dry Fruits Chocolate Frozen Food Packing Machine

Product Description

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Auto Multifunctional powder packing machine Automatic Weighing,Automatic Filling,Automatic Sealing ,Automatic Bag Cutting,Fully Automatic, Efficient and Convenient,Improve Work Efficiency.

It can Back sealing (Pillow sealing) OR three-side sealing( triangle sealing).

Suit for Coffee beans, soybeans, seeds, spices, spices, fertilizers, grains, coarse cereals, tea, hardware, electronics, jewelry, medicinal materials, etc.

Suitable forvariety of coil materials:Composite membrane,Filter paper,aluminizer,Color film

1.Intelligent Control Panel

Microcomputer Control, Accurate and Efficient, Automation,Easy operation

2.Upper Heating Seal

Double Push Design, Stable Heating, Great sealing effect

3.Feeding Clamp Wheel

Clamp packaging materials, transport materials downward, improve work efficiency

4.Data Interface

Weighing Filling Machine Data Interface, High Quality Accessories

5.Top Material Holder

Pure Iron Holder, Durable, Efficient Transportation, Long Service Life


Product Details

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Type Electric Small Model Electric Middle Model Electric Big Model
Name HP-200S HP-200 HP-500S HP-500 HP-1000
Sealing Style

3 Sides Sealing

(Triangle sealing) 

Back Sealing

(Pillow Sealing)

3 Sides Sealing

(Triangle sealing) 

Back Sealing

(Pillow Sealing)

Back Sealing

(Pillow Sealing)

Coll Membrane 


5-20cm 21-30cm 36-44cm
Bag Width 2.5-10cm 1.5-9cm 10.5-15cm 9.5-14cm 17-21CM
Bag Length Max 16cmMax 16cm Max 22cm Max 22cm Max 27cm
Material Weight 5-200g/bag 10-500g/bag 10-1000g/bag
Size 42*50*170cm 56*55*185cm 66*61*245cm
Machine Weight 45kg 60kg 75kg
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

1.All models including packing machine and weighing machine.

Can relize AUTO weighing +filling+sealing +bag cutting as the video showing.

2.All packing machine can be order extra Shaper for different Coll Membrane Width inquiry.3.Coding machine can be extra add.

4.Cursor machine can be extra add.


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